Established in 1998, the Spartan Fighting Arts Academy is a fully equipped facility, exclusively forged for the development of martial arts training. There are classes for kickboxing/freestyle karate, mixed martial arts (MMA), ladies only kickboxing, submission grappling and self defence for all ages and the academy has a proven competitive track record in the various martial arts disciplines, winning many titles from regional to world class level.

The academy has two training studios, the striking gym and the grappling gym. The striking gym is a spacious room with an MMA cage in the centre, surrounded by a variety of punch bags, speed balls, free weights, a stretching machine & treadmills.

The bulk of the classes take place in the grappling gym which is fully matted (floor and walls) with high quality mats to ensure your comfort and safety while training. Sparring equipment, focus mitts, Thai pads and kick shields are all provided by the academy.

Paul Grieves - 4th DAN Black Belt Chief Instructor & Founder of the Spartan Fighting Arts Academy
Paul holds a 4th Dan black belt in kickboxing & sport karate and has studied Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, judo, shotokan karate, submission grappling and mixed martial arts (MMA). A proven competitor, Paul has won dozens of regional martial arts tournaments, a professional European kickboxing title, an amateur world kickboxing title and an amateur English MMA title. He is the academy's chief instructor for kickboxing, sport karate and self defence and co-instructor for mixed martial arts.
Senior Instructor, Paul Grieves with some of the trophies and belts he has won over the years