Submission grappling is about taking your opponent to the ground, controlling them and submitting them.

A takedown can be achieved, either by "shooting in" with a single or double leg takedown or from the clinch position with either a sweep, trip, reap or throw. Once you have taken your opponent to the ground you need to control the person with pins & rides. Having achieved and maintained a dominant position you can now attempt to "submit" your opponent with a finishing joint manipulation or choke hold. Striking is not permitted in this class.

Our Submission grappling techniques are borrowed from jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling and other systems. You will learn takedowns, break-falls, takedown defence, pins, and escapes from pins, arm-bars, wrist-locks, foot-locks, knee bars and chokes in a safety conscious environment.

Sparring is a controlled exercise and finishing techniques are applied gradually and NOT with brute force, so that your fellow practitioners have the opportunity to tap out and avoid unnecessary injury.

Through regular practice you will improve your timing and technique, increase your fitness, strength and flexibility while learning to relax so that energy is not unnecessarily expended. Although some of the moves are explosive most of the submissions and reversals are brought about using technique and leverage rather then sheer strength. Submission grappling is a highly effective method of self defence in a 1 to 1 situation.